Looking Ahead

This semester, Nina Guise-Gerrity has welcomed a new group of interns into the getGFTD community. Focused on photography, video production, marketing, and writing, the new group is dedicated to expanding user awareness about the ease of getGFTD to students at Loyola and beyond. With the turn of each semester, Guise-Gerrity brings in students to give them experience working for a startup. Interns gain communication, leadership, adaptability, creativity, and collaboration skills. 

getGFTD centers on five primary emotions: joy, appreciation, excitement, nostalgia, and inspiration, to create the voice and themes of getGFTD. Holidays like Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day rely on commercialized products and wholesale, but on getGFTD, it’s more personal. Gift-giving does not have to be designated around holidays; it can be an easy and everyday practice. As a company, identifying these primary emotions allows the team to center marketing materials around gift-giving. Looking ahead, followers can expect weekly monetary giveaways and holiday campaigns. 

In ten seconds, you can tie your shoes, hug a friend, sing Happy Birthday, or write your name. Ten seconds is a perfect amount of time for sending a gift to anyone anytime.

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