What is getGFTD?
getGFTD is a gifting app that allows you to send a personalized gift to anyone, anytime, anywhere!
Various Activities
GFT the experience!
Whether it's a cooking lesson or a paragliding excursion, put it on your
Wishlist and watch your dreams comes true
Our Story
Nina Guise-
Founder and inventor of getGFTD, thought of the idea for the getGFTD app while on a plane back home to Maryland. While wondering how she could gift her Californian niece her favorite snack (blueberries) from the opposite coast, she had an idea. 
A professor of philosophy at Loyola University Maryland, she quickly gathered interns from Loyola and began working on an app with the aim to make giving more convenient for everyone.
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Our Vision

Care for Self

Fill your Wishlists with services and lifestyle experiences that allow others to make you feel special!

Care for Others

Show your family, friends, and coworkers that you appreciate them every day of the year. Your simple acts of kindness, can make each one of their days feel like a holiday!

Care for Community

Show those around you that you appreciate their dedicated service. Care for the environment by being a conscious shopper. Let your Wishlists celebrate companies small and large that take care of the planet while taking care of us!


Our Mascot

Meet B'loo!
Meet our mascot B'loo! -the blueberry lovin' platypus who motivates us each and every day at work.
Our values
All-Female Team
The team takes pride in being all-female, dedicated to fostering relationships through gifting.
Diversity & Inclusion
The getGFTD team values diversity and strives to be inclusive, ensuring the app caters to the needs of every user.
User Safety
User safety is our top priority, with strict measures in place to protect private and financial information.
Our Crew
Team getGFTD prides itself on the fact that the company is a start-up in the fin-tech and service space, with an app that disrupts traditional gift-giving.
Our mission is to elevate the act of gift-giving by making the process convenient, spontaneous, and secure. We aim to connect people and build relationships through acts of kindness — through gift-giving.
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getGFTD's Executive Level
Nina Guise-Gerrity
Folline Cullen
Haseeb Mughal
is a Certified Woman-Owned Business